5 Famous Cancers to
Get Inspiration From

Cancers are water signs. Emotional, intense, extremely intuitive and compassionate. They get people and really understand them. Cancers are really loyal; they are known for being extremely intuitive and compassionate.

1. Tom Hanks

He always wins awards being claimed "The Most Trustworthy Celebrity in the World", "The best Actor in Film History", "The Best Living American Actor" across different years. He has a warm and expressive personality that is so typical for a Cancer.

The humanity of Cancer that Tom Hanks is displaying helps him to compel to audiences that's so helpful to the actor's craft at the same time.
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2. Diana, Princess of Wales

As a real Cancer, she always wore her heart on her sleeve being upfront and honest about her emotions and feelings. There is no surprise she was named as the "people's princess" by the British people.

She was always led by her heart and stayed true to her Cancer ways. Also, it always got her in trouble with the royal family.
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3. Vin Diesel

Hard, masculine, tough-as-nails on the screen but at the same time caring and loving when the cameras are off. As with many other Cancers - "Never judge a book by its cover".

Cancers are known to be an adaptable star sign. That's one of the reasons why Vin Diesel was able to adjust himself to different roles and characters and do a great job despite any challenges.
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4. Meryl Streep

Regularly cited in media as "the best actress of her generation", she is acclaimed for being able to play different characters always being full of brilliant ideas and originality.

She's a philanthropist who always cares about people being able to always stay open-minded and unbiased as all real Cancers.
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5. Ariana Grande

Being a Cancer with a strong quality of appealing to collective needs of people, Ariana expresses this through her songs. She looked very strong after breaking up with her ex, Pete Davidson, but breakups are super hard on her as we know from her songs.

Cancers always put their loved ones and family first that's why changes related to splitting are always very hard.
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