5 Famous Libras to Get Inspiration From

Libras are probably the only sign that deeply cares about balance and harmony. Changing flats or cities make them really excited but nervous at the same time as it means changing the order of life.

They try to keep everyone happy and engaged because it's important for Libras to be the center of attention.

Libras have outstanding taste and are really talented in arts.

1. Eminem

As a true Libra, he always raps about the truth. One of the most acclaimed values of Libras is fighting against injustice. He has very rebellious and emotional nature while being able to maintain a charming and balanced appearance.
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2. Kate Winslet

Regularly cited in media as "the best actress of her generation", she is acclaimed for being able to play different characters. She is always full of brilliant ideas.

She's a philanthropist who always cares about people being able to always stay open-minded and unbiased as all real Libras.
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3. Will Smith

Also, Libra men are a bit unstable and swings back and forth, a perfect partner for this sign could change this. Being married to a Virgo woman – Jada Pinkett Smith, the stars created a perfect compatibility.
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4. Gwen Stefani

For Libras it's very difficult to make snap decisions. They always doubt but once they're sure, nothing can change their mind. Healthy communication is giving a power to the relationship. Just look at Gwen being so natural with her husband.

Libras never create boredom around themselves and want to be the center of attention.
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5. Hugh Jackman

He's very diplomatic, romantic, charming and easygoing – as most of the Libras are. Being constantly backed up by his family, he gets a lot of powers and energy to achieve anything.

He's always kind to people around him with his outstanding smile that encourages people around.
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