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Gemini: All you need to know about Gemini sign

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Color: Yellow
Day: Wednesday
Ruler: Mercury
House: Third
Lucky Gem: Emerald
Flower: Lavender
Best compatibility: Aries, Leo
Least compatible: Virgo, Pisces
Lucky numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23
Date range: May 21 – June 20
Strengths: gentle, curious, adaptable, smart, passionate
Weaknesses: nervous, indecisive, lack of direction

Gemini are usually funny, communicative, and love spending time with people. They are extremely curious and have a huge passion for education. They are interested in everything going around them and want to explore deeper everything they see.

Gemini always look for new friends, mentors, lovers – everyone to feel less lonely. They need to know all the latest news, trends, and see where the new relationship can lead them.

They never feel bored and always have a lot of things to do. That’s why it can be really difficult to catch them. At work, they are usually unstoppable especially if they become motivated. They can really inspire people around and rule the crowds. Not surprising that they usually select jobs that involve a lot of communication.

They often feel quite dissatisfied with life. There are so many opportunities and experiences but so little time to try everything. They try no to stuck in the past as they are focused on the future. They can find a bright side everywhere, and see any situation as a positive one.

Gemini can become great writers or journalists. Mercury is their main planet defines communication that is one of the reasons why they are so good with numbers. They are also vivid travellers who enjoy spending time abroad.

Being really social, Gemini still value their personal time alone. They love to spend some quiet nights all by themselves and enjoy the silence.

However, dating Gemini can become quite difficult. They can get bored quite quickly of their potential partner, and look for different opportunities. At the same time, they desire freedom and avoid commitment. They can push their partners to be the best they can be while their partner keeps them entertained and excited.

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